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Honest and Trustworthy
We work closely with your staff to create a comfortable plan with a safe working environment.
Long Lasting Relationships
Our customers become our family. 100% of customers that switch to Siberus, stay with Siberus.
We love to code, but why complicate things when standard functionality works?
We have been through the partner network. Seen clients get sold the world and then left to drown. Siberus will protect your best interests.

About us

Siberus is a customer-centric Certified Microsoft Partner consisting of expert level ERP Consultants. Every consultant on our team has over 15+ years of experience on the Microsoft ERP/CRM world. Each expert has been carefully selected through years of working together to create an extraordinary team who can complete projects swiftly and efficiently. Junior Consultant is not in our vocabulary. We strive to educate customers on proper set up and ERP usage to get the most out of their system. We handle clients of all sizes from 100+ users down to Mom & Pop shops of 3 users. Siberus is the partner for those who are tired of big partner nonsense.

We provide services all across the world.

United States

Our team

Roman Mehling's profile
Roman is not just the CEO and founder of the company. He's an active NAV/Business Central developer and consultant who's been in the industry since 2006.
Chess is Roman's passion. Get a win against him on chess.com and receive 5% discount on hourly consulting rate. Best of 3? Lucky you - 10% down!

Roman Mehling

Founder, CEO, Chess Nerd
Yury Voroshilov's profile
Yury has been implementing Microsoft Dynamics products for more 20 years. He started back in 2002 as an assistant IT administrator at Columbus IT. Thereafter, he switched to Navision Axapta for some time before fully retraining and doing Navision Attain projects. Yury is a 3 in 1: developer, consultant, and project manager. He has implemented dozens of projects from mom-pop shops to large corporations. There is not a single Dynamics NAV or Business Central module that he is not experienced with.
Currently, he's the technical architect for all of our Business Central extensions. Yury spends most of his spare time with his children, playing basketball and acoustic guitar.

Yury Voroshilov

Principal Engineer, Guitar Master
Joey Bonitatibus's profile
Joey has worked in Dynamics NAV / GP / BC recruitment and sales since 2014. Using his vast market knowledge, he has successfully helped over 150 companies find the right people to staff their implementation projects and support their ERP system. He has even staffed a number of Microsoft Gold Partners directly.
In his spare time, Joey loves to coach ice-hockey and hit the slopes in the winter!

Joey Bonitatibus

Head of Operations, Hockey Dude
Nikita Kakuev's profile
Nikita is a self-taught software developer with a background in marketing and UX. Over the last few years, he's worked on a number of projects in all sorts of companies, including multinational consulting company, large retail brand, and small to medium sized start-ups.
In his spare time Nikita enjoys taking pictures of trains and railways. When traveling, he always chooses train over everything else. ๐Ÿš‚

Nikita Kakuev

Lead Web Developer, Rail Buff
Kim Andreasen's profile
Kim is originally from Denmark, where Dynamics NAV (originally Navision) was first created. He has been working on the consulting and development side of Dynamics NAV (now Business Central) for the past 20 years. Over the years he has been able to work for a variety of Manufacturing companies making him in especially strong in BC with MRP/MPS, warehousing, and inventory.
Kim is a big car guy and loves the show 'Top Gear'

Kim Andreasen

Senior Consultant & Developer
Tucker Conley's profile
Art and carpentry are Tucker's two true passions, so he spends his spare time drawing/painting or woodworking and renovating his house.

Tucker Conley

Functional Consultant

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