QuickBooks vs Dynamics 365 Business Central

QuickBooks is a very popular accounting platform that is mostly used for new or small businesses. It is a great and cost-effective tool for such businesses especially when starting out. The problem arises when that same company starts experiencing growth. Most business processes outside of accounting (inventory, distribution, manufacturing, advanced reporting) become hard or almost impossible to add on later in the life-cycle. At this point these growing business’ need to make a difficult choice implement a strong ERP system that will fit their business and also migrate seamlessly from QuickBooks.

Many of these companies look to Dynamics 365 Business Central because of its all-encompassing package and incredible scalability. Business Central is a cloud-based ERP system that has come a long way from it’s previous on-prem model, Dynamics NAV. The system comes with multiple out of the box functionalities that can managed more complicated business processes while improving compliance and securing workflow. The best part is that QuickBooks can be easily migrated to Business Central when done correctly.

QuickBooks Shortcomings

  1. Seamlessly upgrading QuickBooks Online is not easy because the Pro & Enterprise versions are built on different platforms
  2. QuickBooks minimal out-of-the-box functionality makes adding key business processes, such as distribution, manufacturing, and advanced reporting, expensive to add on
  3. Scaling a business becomes expensive and complicated
  4. Less automation/ability slows down business productivity and efficiency

Dynamics 365 Business Central Strengths

  1. New versions are easily upgradeable due to its cloud-based nature
  2. Strong out-of-the-Box capabilities for complicated business processes and workflow
  3. Fully integrated with Microsoft Products including Office 365
  4. Allows for custom dashboard creating and massive reporting features

Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Financial Management – Data Connectivity, Built-in Power BI Dashboards, Data Modeling, Reporting
Supply Chain – Inventory Management, MRP & MPS
Sales & Clients – Client Interaction Tracking, Outlook Integration, Sales Cycle Overview
Project Management – Timesheet tracking, Invoice tracking, Real-time Data
Data Security – Grant and restrict access to users

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