Dynamics 365 Business Central. PayPal extension latest changes

Business Central has in-built PayPal extension. You can choose it as a payment service in a sales order:

It generates PayPal payment link in posted sales invoice printing form:

Business Central uses a separate app for this functionality - Payment Links to PayPal by Microsoft:

We worked with this app closely as a dependent app, because one of our customers asked us to expand this functionality. Standard functionality allows having PayPal payment links only for posted documents, but they wanted to generate it in advance for non posted sales orders:

We successfully adjusted the functionality, but with Business Central 2022 release wave 2 we got a warning that one of PayPal Base Application tables (table 1062 "Payment Reporting Argument") is marked for removal:

In fact, it is not a removal: TableType property of the table will just be changed to Temporary.

So, if you use this table (you'll see this warning in your code), just check this record usage. It must be declared as temporary everywhere:

This warning is a bug, as it should not be generated for temporary "Payment Reporting Argument" records, only for normal (non-temporary) records. Microsoft needs to fix it in one of upcoming minor BC releases.

Happy coding.

Any thoughts on the matter?

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